Here’s how a Greenliner solution works

Collect your release paper waste in the Greenboxes provided by us, following our specifications. When the Greenboxes are packed, contact us using your Greenliner login. We will pick up the Greenboxes containing your release paper liner waste.

New or additional Greenboxes can be ordered on the Greenliner website.

At Greenliner, we use a specialised and eco-innovative process to remove silicone and other release agents from the liner paper and recycle the paper pulp. The recycled paper is used in the production of new release paper liners, and a variety of other paper products besides.

Not only do we reduce the pressure of waste on the environment, but, also, the use of natural resources in the production of paper, resulting in further CO₂ savings.

In this way, your release paper waste becomes our resource, which is why we can pick up your release liner paper waste free of charge. In turn, you save on expenses you would otherwise have when disposing of your industrial waste.

Greenliner is not linked to a specific material supplier.

Greenliner is the only independent solution when it comes to recycling release paper liner. That is, we find exactly the label material that best suits your needs. We recycle all the release paper liner that comes from your FlexoPrint labels.

Environmental facts: recycled paper

Paper is the most recycled material in the world. In Europe, alone, 58 million tons are annually recycled.

72% of all paper is recycled.

Compared to so-called virgin paper, i.e. paper made from raw natural materials without recycled content, 1 ton of recycled paper represents a CO₂ saving of 1,5 tons.


Are the pallets of cardboard boxes that you get from us to collect used release paper.