Reduce costs and your environmental impact

Greenliner offers an alternative to the disposal of release paper liner waste, also known as waxy paper, in an environmentally friendly way, without additional costs to you or your company.

This alternative allows you to save on expenses you would otherwise have when disposing of your release paper liner as industrial waste.

Partnering with Greenliner goes a long way towards achieving your green goals. As a Greenliner customer, you will receive a certificate of partnership which you are free to use for publicity and CSR communication purposes.

Greenliner is the only independent solution on the market.

Simple procedure

  • Collect all of your release paper waste in Greenliner carton pallet boxes.
  • Contact us when your Greenliner pallets are packed and ready for pick-up.
  • We pick up the packed Greenliner pallets without additional costs to you and concurrently send some more pallets, free of charge.


Are the pallets of cardboard boxes that you get from us to collect used release paper.